Thursday, January 19, 2017

Why Trump

What does supporting Donald Trump say about YOU?  If you are a proud trump supporter, I have some questions for you that I would like answered.  The underlying theme is: WHY?

Is it the sexual assault and rape allegations? because his own ex-wife detailed how he raped her on 60 minutes AND in her book.  Plus, there is audio tape of him describing how he likes to sexually assault women and nearly a dozen women who have accused him of the EXACT kind of behavior he described around the time that he said it.  He doesn't dispute any of this. All the women who have accused Trump of sexual assault

Is it the cozy relationship he has with a Russian dictator? Because he actually said that he hopes that Russia hacks the DNC (which they did) and interferes in the election, which they did.

Is it his overt racism? (So many examples that there is no need to post just one)

Is it his mocking behavior of the disabled?  Because if it IS your assertion that he DIDN'T make fun of a disabled reporter, there is video proof.

Is it that his various forms of communication have been amassed and analyzed to reveal that his words, in totality, are known to have resulted in the lowest Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test scores, (when applied to all of his various forms of communication), for anyone ever to have been elected president.  He also appears to be, in my opinion, the president in the last 120 years with the lowest level of emotional intelligence?

Is it that he seems to have zero regard for or understanding of the constitution, the bill of rights or the most obvious and ubiquitous laws-of-the-land?  Trump disregard for constitution

Is it that he has defrauded tens-of-thousands of people during his career, including more than six thousand students?  If you are proud of him DESPITE him having done this because you simply don't believe it?  Are you not aware that he recently settled a lawsuit, for having done exactly that, for more than $25 million. That is a FACT.

Is it that he doesn't pay taxes like you and I do, leaving us to foot-the-bill for all of the things that he rails against? Trump doesn't pay taxes

Is it his constant vitriol and ridicule aimed at men and women who have the unenviable task of reporting on the thousands of lies he has told?  By the way, the story that he told in this clip was proven to be an outright lie.  He hadn't to that point, raised any money for vets and hadn't given a dime to anyone.  The result of which is that his foundation was investigated and sued by the New York Attorney General.

Is it that he has repeatedly  called for violence against reporters, those in the media whose job it is to fact-check his statements and protesters?  In fact, he has defended those who resort to violence, both on TV and by offering to pay for their legal defense.

Is it his malicious and capricious use of the legal-system to intimidate anyone who criticizes him? Trump's long history of frivolous litigation

Is it that he has a long history of not paying his debts? Trump doesn't pay his debts

Is it his six bankruptcies?  Because if you are saying that it ISN'T a fact that he has declared bankruptcy 6 times, I can assure you that he has, because bankruptcy is a legal proceeding which is part of the public record.

Is it his reportedly bogus military deferments, that he used to dodge the draft during the Vietnam War?  By the way, is it ok with you that somebody who was declared unfit for the military is now going to be commander-in-chief?

Is it his complete disrespect for war heroes and prisoners of war... acting as if it was their fault that they were captured? Because it is a FACT that he made fun of John McCain for being a prisoner of war? (There is video proof)
Is it that his cabinet is shaping up to be the most corrupt, most inept, most ignorant, least experienced in the history of the republic?

Does he share your "Christian" values of "Fuck the homeless, Fuck the poor, Fuck the elderly, Fuck the unhealthy, Fuck the immigrants?"

I could keep going down the list and provide evidence of every single one of my assertions except, maybe, for the lowest IQ claim which is based on qualitative analysis and studies of his speeches, writings, college transcripts, high school transcripts and thousands of interviews that are all cataloged.

I can provide (or already have) indisputable video evidence of many of my points above and there are, literally, thousands of pages of sworn testimony, in the public record, to back up many others.
You can watch pool footage from Fox News to hear him talk about wanting people to resort to violence against those who criticize him and you could have watched the news in the last week to see one of the guys who was convicted of punching a black guy at a Trump campaign event right after Trump told the crowd to do so.

I have come to a conclusion that I feel is adequately supported with sufficient evidence.  I am not pretending that I didn't already have a negative opinion regarding Donald Trump, but the exercise of actually viewing video and reading quotes, really put things in perspective for me.  It turns out that most, if not all, of the bad stuff that is said about trump is true.  There is no need for fake news when the real news is so sensational and paints such a horrifying picture.

Therefore, I truly believe that you must possess one or many of these qualities, or at least respect them in others, in order to actually attest that you are proud to call him your president.  You must be stupid, hateful, racist, misogynistic, a liar, a criminal, xenophobic, homophobic, sociopathic, narcissistic and/or some other manner of truly disgusting human being.  Hardcore Trump supporters, in my opinion, offer no tangible benefit to society and seem to have no discernible understanding of economics, finance, history, culture, sociology or anthropology. Worse than that, Trump and his supporters seem to lack empathy and humility... It seems obvious to me that only the worst of us actually still support Trump, despite ALL of the obvious reasons to abandon his rhetoric and actions for saner , more humane choices..

Throughout history, the same types of people who now support Trump have supported Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin and Pol Pot. These are the willfully malicious, or woefully uneducated masses that make it IMPOSSIBLE to ever "make America great again," because they are too deliberately ignorant to contribute to that cause and there are too many to overcome.

Darren Cox

Darren Cox
Founder and Chief Evangelist - CaSTT - Commerce and Search for Technology Transfer