Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Association of University Technology Managers, Statistics, Over Time

AUTM Stats, Over Time

If you go to http://autm-stats-over-time.mippstrategy.com/, you will find a Motion Chart, which gives a graphical illustration of all of the stats that AUTM collects, each year, from its member institutions.  The difference between what you get when you do a query on the AUTM site, and what I have done, is that I have created a moving, graphical, representation of all of the statistics collected since 2002, so you can choose your own parameters and see how they interact and react against each other, by school or institution, over time.

This data can be used to benchmark against other institutions, or just see how your own school/institution has done over time.

If you have ever wondered how your school compares, over time, to all of the other AUTM members, or maybe just a couple of others, in any or all collected categories, this is a fairly easy way to find out.

I am interested to hear back from folks as to what they think about the way this data is displayed.

Please note: All of the data from this chart came from a blanket query of all of the statistics that are available to AUTM members on the AUTM websiteThere are a couple of obvious errors in one or two of the individual school’s data, but I used the data exactly as it was reported.

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