Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Online Experience TTO’s Should Offer Their Potential Licensees

These are some of the things that we set out to accomplish when we were building CaSTT (Commerce and Search for Technology Transfer) 

Simple and Familiar User Experience

TTO's must make it easy for potential licensees to:
  • Search for and find a specific technology
  • Get detailed product information
  • Choose an appropriate license type
  • Enter Customer and payment information
  • Complete the transaction and fulfill the order
  • Buy with confidence - Use a secure E-Commerce transaction interface specifically tailored to the needs of University Technology Transfer offices

Administrative Control and Ease of Use

Application and Management Tools Should Help Technology Transfer Offices:
  • Track sales
  • Perform site-use analysis using Google Analytics (or your favorite web data package)
  • Find out where users are coming from, what they are searching for and what keywords they use to find a specific technology.
  • Review numbers and types of agreements.
  • Create non-negotiable licenses, with standard terms and conditions
  • Automate much of the purchase, fulfillment and product-information function currently performed by Tech Transfer Office staff or University inventors
You can read more about our experience building CaSTT for the University of Minnesota Office for Technology Commercialization on the M.IP.P. Strategy Website

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Darren Cox

Darren Cox
Founder and Chief Evangelist - CaSTT - Commerce and Search for Technology Transfer