Sunday, September 05, 2010

Why are Tech Transfer Organizations Using video / Web 2.0 / social media tools

It Gets Worse

The trend that sees tech transfer offices skipping the most important steps in the online-marketing-tool "learning curve," and instead jumping directly to a strategy of using video/Web 2.0/social media tools, without ever learning how the web, search, content optimization and basic internet marketing processes work, means that they are focusing time and resources on steps that won’t help them until they go back and learn the basics.

If you can’t effectively market a technology online, so that you get unsolicited leads, why would you shift your focus to trying to market a video about that technology.  If you are doing this you are throwing good money after bad.

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Darren Cox

Darren Cox
Founder and Chief Evangelist - CaSTT - Commerce and Search for Technology Transfer