Sunday, September 05, 2010

Where Do Your Technology Descriptions Come From

It’s Not The Arrow; It’s the Archer

No matter whether you have a home-grown IP Management Database or a commercial application, the problem isn’t the IP Management System.  Most technology tracking and management software was never meant to be a central repository for Search Engine Optimized technology marketing content.  No prior system was specifically designed to integrate with the vast array of new, user and search engine-friendly, web-based technologies, without significant and costly customization.

When new or updated information is published, a manual process must still be undertaken to get the same information, which now resides on the website, out to its intended audience.  That is also assuming that there are adequate resources available to build fully developed marketing campaigns for the tens of thousands of new inventions and discoveries coming out of research facilities each year.  Further, the same process must be repeated each time there is an update or upgrade.

In fact, there are plenty of tools that are simple to use and produce dramatically better results than the way most TTO's do things now, but between bureaucracy, budget and fear of the unknown, most tech transfer offices refuse to accept that they are doing a terrible job of getting information about their innovations out to the world in a way that those searching for it can actually find it and begin to engage in the licensing process.

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Darren Cox

Darren Cox
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